We provide water damage repair services in Monroe,NC.

We offer the following water remediation services:

  • Daily drying monitoring
  • Insurance claims
  • Mold remediation
  • Primary water removal
  • Moisture measurement with three separate meters
  • Water intrusion investigations

For water damage repair in Monroe,NC, contact us.

  • Water Damage to Wood Floors
    • We’ll be on the scene within one hour to remove and keep away all moisture that can ruin your wood floors.
  • Water Damaged Drywall
    • Your drywall is always at risk of water damage. Identifying the signs of water damage is the best way to avoid future problems and is extremely important to maintain a safe, comfortable home or business.
  • Water Damage to Tile Floors
    • If you have tile floors in your home and you experience any flood, it’s vital to call the experts at Accutech for complete dry-out services. 
  • Broken Water Heater Water Damage
    • We will be there within the hour to begin the process of restoring your home to its previous condition or better!
  • Natural Disaster Water Damage
    • Let Providence Restoration be your partner in protecting your home after a severe, damaging storm.
      • Preserve your carpet
      • Save your furniture
      • Protect against mold, mildew, and fungi
      • Keep your family safe, healthy, and dry!
      • Providence Restoration monitors your house days after we perform a dry out to make sure you’re safe!
  • Overflowing Toilets and Sinks
    • Providence Restoration will ensure your home is dried and sanitized.
  • Leaking Pipe Water Damage
    • We guarantee a response in an hour or less. If you discover moisture from leaking pipes that threatens your flooring, walls, or ceiling, do not hesitate. Call us immediately.